A view from inside an oven, as a man intently pulls out the grill attachment to add some finishing touches to a roast he’s preparing.


Ranges Tailored for risk takers.

Exceptional performance boldly blended with sleek design touches to let you fully express yourself and your culinary chops.

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A Smart Oven Plus, open with the pizza stone attachment slid forward. A Maker transfers one of two gourmet pizza onto a cutting board for service.

Introducing Smart Oven+ Innovation Inspired by Exploration.

Fuel your creativity with the first-ever collection of oven-powered grill, baking stone and steamer attachments.

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Refrigerators As versatile as your creativity.

Create and store more with space-saving, flexible features and innovations designed with makers in mind.

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KitchenAid Refrigeration
Built-In Marinating Drawer
A hand closes the dishwasher — showing us the hidden controls, digital clock and the iconic KitchenAid handle.

Dishwashers Dishes. Done in a Hush.

Advanced technology and smart cycles inside — high-design and style outside — for a hero that delivers a quiet clean.

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Kitchen Suites Better Together.

Transform your kitchen with the performance, potential and high design of a perfectly matched suite.

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A KitchenAid food processor, loaded with a variety of colorful vegetables. All around it are the signs of preparation, with cut and uncut ingredients in various states of preparation.


Chop, mix, grind and blend. The possibilities are endless with fresh ingredients and small appliances designed with the Maker in mind.

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Create the Kitchen of Your Culinary Dreams with KitchenAid® Major Appliances.

Premium major appliances from KitchenAid make it easy to design your ideal space for wherever your inspiration takes you. From classic major appliance suites to individual refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and ranges sure to make a statement, you'll find top-of-the-line equipment designed to match your passion. Browse our different major appliance collections to create a culinary workspace worthy of your next creation. Whether you're designing with form or function as your focus, you'll find the perfect match with major KitchenAid® appliances.