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KitchenAid® smart cooktops are tools designed to expand your experience, better enabling you to enhance your process whenever inspiration strikes. With a range of smart features you can activate using the KitchenAid™ app on your smartphone, you'll be able to keep a close eye on your creations even when you're away from your kitchen.

Your Appliance, Always On



The KitchenAid app keeps you connected to your smart cooktop. Whether monitoring your creations or scheduling a service call, our app gives you more control over your kitchen—even when you're not in it. Learn how to connect and register your KitchenAid smart appliance with the app so you can get back to making.

The KitchenAid app connects you to your appliances

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Remote Temperature Monitoring


Keep a close eye on your creations at all times even when you're away from home with the new KitchenAid app*. It's just one of the ways our smart cooktops help bring your kitchen into the future.




*Cooktop elements cannot be turned off remotely from the app.


Download the KitchenAid app from iTunes or Google Play



Download the App

The app will be your smart appliance guide, walking you through each step to connect. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

Create a KitchenAid account to enable you to track your smart appliance.


Create an Account

By creating an account, you can track your smart appliances, controlling and monitoring them remotely.

In order to take full advantage of your connected appliances, you will have to connect them to your home WiFi network


Connect to Wi-Fi

Get step-by-step instructions to connect your appliance to the wireless network in your home. If you prefer, view the manual connection steps.

Register your connected appliance to fully gain all the benefits


Register Appliance

Once connected, all we need is the unique code to associate your smart appliance with your account.